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Smart Kids Robotics in Ballwin, MO for fun & worthwhile STEM learning!

Smart Kids Robotics in Ballwin, MO for fun & worthwhile STEM learning!Smart Kids Robotics in Ballwin, MO for fun & worthwhile STEM learning!

Our goal is to provide fun and worthwhile STEM education classes for kids using robotics in our high-tech, hands-on facility.

2020 Summer Sessions

Smart Kids Robotics 2020 Summer Robotics Sessions are Open for Online Registration!

Upcoming 5 & 10-Week Robotics Schedules Have Been Postponed Due To COVID-19.

A New 10 Class Robotics Course at Smart Kids Robotics!

Rescue Mission Robotics is a new challenging robotics course at Smart Kids Robotics in Ballwin, MO! Kids will meet for 1.25 hours per day for 10 class meetings to design and build a Lego Mindstorms robot and code programs to successfully accomplish robotic missions! 

Rescue Mission Robotics courses will challenge kids with unique rescue missions each session at Smart Kids Robotics and encourage them to collaborate to find unique STEM solutions.

Robot mission challenges at Smart Kids Robotics are similar to  FIRST® LEGO® League and World Robot Olympiad challenges, but Smart Kids Robotics challenge platforms are dynamic with robotic sensors built in to react to robots strategically!

Rescue Mission Robotics 10 class session!

Rescue Mission Robotics 10 class session!

Why choose Smart Kids Robotics?

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More than a classroom:

Our robotics STEM learning lab has been designed and built specifically for robotics. Each development station is ergonomically adjustable with a 22" monitor, wireless keyboard & mouse, and plenty of space for fun LEGO® building and coding innovation! Kids build and code at their workstation, then test their robot on a 100% LEGO® robotics challenge field! This unique STEM learning lab is unlike anything you have seen before! (Please visit one of our "open lab" days at Smart Kids Robotics in Ballwin.)


The best LEGO® robotics courses, all year round:

Smart Kids Robotics classes in Ballwin include 5 or 10 weekly 75-minute class meetings per session. Kids experience fun, worthwhile STEM learning with our progressive curriculum including introductory, intermediate and advanced robotics classes using the same robotics technology as FIRST® LEGO® League and World Robot Olympiad (both worldwide robotics competitions using LEGO robotics) as well as advanced programming languages like Java™ and Python at Smart Kids Robotics in Ballwin. 


Robotics and coding expertise:

Coach Goff has coached robotics teams for 14 years and has 20 years of professional experience as a software architect. He is just as excited to introduce young kids to robotics as teaching older kids how to code with Java™ and Python, always with the goal to excite kids about STEM at Smart Kids Robotics in Ballwin! Coach Goff aspires to share his appreciation of technology and creative innovation with kids at Smart Kids Robotics through robotics classes in Ballwin available all year round in 5-week and 10-week sessions.

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